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 Freyja Quartz, Ame // Emilia Clarke
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Posted on: May 16 2018, 06:31 AM
"The queen of her castle"
Name: Freyja Alexis Quartz
Age & Birth Date: 31 / December 23rd
District: Two
Occupation: Victor/mentor

At first glance Freyja doesn't look very intimidating. With her young looking features, doe like eyes and short statue, she appears more delicate than she actually is. Her smaller stature helped her during the games although size doesn't always dictate one's strength. She might only stand at five feet two inches but she is a force to be reckoned with from all the years she has spent in the training centre both as a career and a Victor.

Freyja's current strength is in the way that she can command a room if the mood suits her. She has mesmerising blue green eyes that stand out even more with her now blonde hair. She likes to put an effort into her appearance whenever possible, even if it is something as simple as putting on the red lipstick she is known to wear as part of her signature look.

Freyja can be described as a walking mass of contradictions. Her best friend is the one who used the words that resonated the most with the Victor. "You, my dear are something of a wildcard." Throughout her life Freyja has done things that were unexpected to the people around her. She is someone who is very adaptable in situations if she so chooses to. Freyja can turn on the charm when she wishes to but is distant and aloof with others at first or until she decides to befriend someone. Freyja has the arrogant demeanour of someone who has come from a career district and won the games even if some days the confidence is faked.

Very few people can say that they are close to Freyja. She is a guarded person who has constructed walls between herself and everyone around her throughout her life and the walls only became stronger once she won the games. When someone does manage to break through some of the walls they will find a fiercely loyal and quirky woman. Behind the walls that Freyja has so carefully created lives a storm of emotions that date back to her childhood. She is an expert at hiding from the outside world although the cracks in her armour show every now and then.

Freyja is mysterious, confident, complicated

Mother: Alexis Quartz (Deceased)
Father: Victor Quartz, 60 years old, Peacekeeper
Sister: Artemis Quartz, 36 years old, Peacekeeper (Stationed in District 5)

Early life
Freyja was a surprise. Her mother Alexis Quartz was told that she'd never have another child so it was a shock for everyone involved when she found out that she was pregnant for the second time. Alexis died giving birth to Freyja after a series of complications that weren't diagnosed early enough. Victor never entirely got over the loss of his wife. He saw Freyja as a reminder of his beloved wife and struggled to connect with his youngest daughter. Victor was quite harsh on his two daughters while they were growing up. He wanted them to follow in his footsteps and become peacekeepers or go into the games. Victor his daughters into the District Two career academy the second they were old enough.

Freyja adapted to life as a career easily, although she struggled to connect with the others in her age group. She favoured the katana and throwing knives from the get go. Freyja trained hard to prove herself because she wanted to be the best. She quickly earnt a reputation for being the best in her age group. After awhile Freyja slowly made some friends in the training centre but kept a wall up between them.

Freyja volunteered to enter the games at the age of seventeen. She stood proudly in place when she called out her intent and walked up to the stage with a regal confidence. The goodbyes were quick but Freyja will always remember the look of pride in her fathers eye before he left. It was one of the few times in her life that her father showed any signs of being proud of her and she vowed to make him even more proud when she returned home. Freyja made a splash in the Capitol. They loved her innocent features, big blue green eyes and most of all her charming but cold personality that she turned on for the cameras.

The career pack formed quickly during their first interaction in the training centre. Mason, Freyja's district partner took the leadership role in the pack and made Freyja his second in command. She spent her time training and secretly manipulating the other careers around her, making deals with each career in turn. Freyja made sure to subtly manipulate her district partner without him realising that she was pulling the strings behind the scenes. Mason proved to be easy to manipulate. It almost too easy. Freyja received a score of 11 in her game maker session, a score that she tied with her district partner and the boy from 4.

The 55th Hunger Games - Ancient crumbling castle
Freyja entered the arena with confidence in her medieval style dress. She found herself in the middle of an ancient crumbling castle where pieces of the walls and roof were missing. The bright sunlight peeked in through holes, momentarily blinding the tributes while their eyes adjusted. Freyja took in her surroundings during the countdown then darted for the cornucopia the second that the number hit zero. She snatched up a beautiful sword from the cornucopia then went after a set of throwing knives as back up.

The District 13 female attempted to take the throwing knives from Freyja, a huge mistake that she would pay for with her life. Freyja disposed of the girl easily with a stab through the heart then joined the career pack. Freyja relished the chaos of the bloodbath around her. She and the rest of the careers were responsible for six of the seven deaths that occurred during the bloodbath before they scared everyone away. The pack sorted through the remaining supplies then made camp, talking about their kills in gory detail.

The sound of debris crashing to the ground woke up most of the tributes. A canon sounded a few moments later accompanied by a scream that Freyja and the other careers followed to the source. Freyja hung back while the district 4 male finished off the district 6 male who was mourning his district partner. The career pack managed to hunt down two more tributes before the game makers intervened. The roof caved in, separating the tributes. The district 1 female was crushed beneath the debris during the chaos. Freyja had made sure that she was on the same side of the arena as Mason despite the chaos. She found herself with the district 4 female and the district 7 male who fled from the situation.

Freyja and the district 4 female followed Mason when Freyja suggested that they try and find the others. She kept track of where they were going and purposely lead them around in circles until they had no choice but to stop for the night. The games were moving a long quickly. At the end of the second day there were only ten tributes left. The games had been very violent and bloody although Freyja wanted more action. She vowed to spill more blood on day three.

Freyja got her chance early the next morning when she woke up to find the district 4 female attempting to steal from Mason. She snuck up on the girl and attacked her. Mason woke up when he heard the girl screaming and automatically jumped into the fight. Together they killed the district 4 female but it didn't quench Freyja's blood lust. Freyja and Mason hunted down two other tributes before they met up with the girl from district 4. The remaining members of the pack shared stories of what had happened in their absence and made camp for the day.

The castle was barely standing on the fourth and last day in the arena. The remaining tributes were directed to the ballroom for the feast. The careers found their way to feast first. They waited patiently for the other tributes to enter the area then started their attack on the two remaining non career tributes. Freyja and her district partner went after the district 7 male who was the stronger of the two. The district 4 female took on the district 11 female by herself. During the fights the castle started rumbling like an earthquake was ripping through the arena. Debris started falling all around them as the remaining tributes fought for their lives and tried to keep themselves safe.

The district 4 female killed the district 11 female then went on to attack Mason, believing him to be the bigger threat even though Freyja had been secretly pulling the strings the entire time. Freyja finished off the heavily bleeding district 7 male while Mason fought the other career. She watched the two of them fighting for a minute before she sneaked up behind the district 4 female and impaled her with her sword. The girl hadn't seen it coming. She bled out on the floor before Freyja put her out of her misery with a stab through the heart.

Freyja readied herself for the last fight with renewed strength. She wanted to finish this and go home. Mason was much more injured than she was because of her manipulation and some luck. She closed the distance between them slowly due to the earthquake like rumble going through what was left of the castle and attacked Mason without a hint of remorse. Freyja caught Mason off guard while he attempted to keep his balance. She severely injured him with a stab to the chest that missed his heart by inches. Mason tried to plea with her when she pulled the sword out and then dealt the final blow.

Alias: Ame
Age: 25
Reference: Caution 2.0

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